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Heyuri Privacy Policy

What we collect

To work in the best manner possible, Heyuri collects and uses cookies, this is completely optional, however, and is not necessary for the site to work at full capacity. Heyuri also collects information such as your IP, which is used when posting on the boards. These are never made publicly avaliable unless in order to comply with Law Enforcment when appropriate or necessary. Your data is not sold, ever.

Cooperation with Law Enforcment and Government

Heyuri will cooperate with law enforcment agencies to report, stop, and prevent any sort of criminal activity found on Heyuri. The uploader is responsible for all images, text, and other content that that he or she posts. If the uploader submits content which violates United States law, their information will be forwaded to the proper authorities. It is then protocol to delete the offending content from our servers, and restrict the offending user from posting on the website.

Your agreements

By using and accessing this website, and any extensions thereof, you agree to all of the following;

  • Your personal data, (such as IP adresses, cookie information, etc), may be stored on our servers.
  • You take full responsiblity for all content you upload to Heyuri
  • You agree to not violate any of the Rules, in addition to United States Law.
  • If this agreement is broken, your access to Heyuri may be restricted in some form, that can include removing the ability to post content, view content, or access files on this website.


Your personal data may be stored for an unspecified amount of time.
If you would like to issue a copyright notice, or takedown request, please contact the administrator.

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