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#  Heyuri! 2.0 by lolico - 05/24/20 @ 7:37PM EDT

Today marks Heyuri 2.0. Up until now I only thought of Heyuri as an experiment. Heyuri now runs under a new imageboard software; my fork of Futabawall, which is an English translation of the original Futaba Channel script. Unfortunately the databases are too incompatible and I was unable to convert the old posts. An archive is here.
/g/ is gone and has been replaced with /c/-Anime/Cute.
@kuz Has taken over as second admin.

#  New Board Script by lolico - 05/16/20 @ 11:53PM UTC

Over the past few weeks, I've been working day and night on a new image board script. With Sakomoto I basically through a bunch of scripts into a blender to try to get the most feature-full script possible... What I got was a buggy mess. This new script is being hosted at https://img.heyuri.net/z/.
Any feedback is appreciated, I will start migrating all the boards after a week.

#  Captcha by lolico - 05/04/20 @ 1:48AM UTC

The captcha has been disabled on all boards. I will re-enable it at the first sign of spam.
Lets hope that's not needed.

#  IRC channel! by lolico - 03/16/20 @ 1:34PM UTC

Heyuri now has an IRC channel: #heyuri@Rizon.

#  Second admin by lolico - 03/08/20 @ 4:05AM UTC

Cavalier Is the new second admin!

#  New domain by lolico - 02/29/20 @ 6:44AM UTC

As of today Heyuri has transfered from heyuri.cf to heyuri.net.
Remember to update your bookmarks and RSS readers.

Of course if you experience any issues please contact me!

#  Looking for a second admin by lolico - 02/09/20 @ 8:37PM UTC

I'm not sure how to really announce this but, I'm looking for a second admin. I really want to make this imageboard become significantly active but I'm just a developer. I need someone who can do public stuff, draw people to the site, make announcement's and such. Contact me if you are interested!

#  Renaming by - 01/23/20 @ 1:30AM UTC

/ascii/ has been renamed to >>>/lounge/.

#  New board by lolico - 12/17/19 @ 12:53AM UTC

Heyuri's first text board >>>/ascii/.
Try it out.

#  /g/ - Games by lolico - 12/04/19 @ 6:41AM UTC

/g/ has been relisted as games.
This board is for discussion on video games, tabletop games and other interactive media.

#  Create polls on Heyuri! by lolico - 12/02/19 @ 2:12PM UTC

New poll system(in beta).
Try it here.

#  Board changes by lolico - 11/26/19 @ 9:49AM UTC

/g/ has been unlisted.
New overboard added >>>/all/.
/r/ has been renamed to /b/ (To avoid confusion).

#  Heyuri's (re)launch by lolico - 11/24/19 @ 11:40AM UTC

Today is Heyuri's (re)launch as an imageboard!
Old Heyuri is still available through https://booru.heyuri.cf/.
I hope to grow a thriving community!

- heyuri.net -