Long live Heyuri!

What is Heyuri?

Heyuri is many things. It started off as a file hosting service I made to learn and experiment PHP with. Then I adapted it into an image board as an experiment. To see if it was possible to make a new image board big in <current year>. I wanted to make a network of services and expand into other domains such as media, comics, animations.

What happened to Heyuri?

Drama killed it. I did what I can to stop it but it got to the point where the site was being spammed and eventually hacked. Along with <<<other things>>> it became too dangerous threatening my real life.

Will Heyuri ever come back?

There are several things I need to get out of the way before I can properly re-launch Heyuri. (in order of importance)

It could take years to gain the resources I need to start Heyuri again. But if I do, it will be much more carefully planned out. We will not make the same mistakes as last time. If things work out Heyuri will come back better then ever.

And finally, join the Discord channel (updated link).